Unlock Free Marketing

Through The Power of Google

A new 4-week online course for committed wellbeing businesses who are looking to fill their classes, share their joy and grow their business.


I see you.

Working hard but still feeling overwhelmed marketing and running your own business.

Struggling to juggle everything and getting frustrated at not seeing the results you desire.


I want to help you change this and show you how to put your energy into growing a business you love.šŸ’œ


I have worked with so many clients like you and shown them how to get amazing growth for their business. One yoga studio doubled its income in 2 years and made record profits.

I am excited to empower you with my knowledge and experience so you too can do the same.


This is how the Unlock Free Marketing Through the Power of Google course has been designed.

The course is for those who are dedicated and passionate about growing a profitable business and want to be empowered to do this themselves. I will show you the exact steps to take but I can not get in your body and do it for you!


Why Google?

Google is a very powerful tool in getting free marketing for your business and a stream of new enquiries. On average someone runs over 100 searches a month and 50% are for local business, so people are looking for YOU online. Through my course, I will demystify the process of how to be seen on Google by people who are looking for your services now.


Course details

ā­4 modules which will be live online training from me plus demonstrations.

ā­After each module, you will be given a step by step process to use between sessions.

ā­Q and A so that you can ask any questions you may have.

ā­Lifetime access to the content which will be kept updated.

ā­Loving accountability from me šŸ˜Š

By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to use the power of Google to get free marketing for your business.


Initial Launch offer Ā£222


Before Louise joined the team running my yoga business, we used to make most of our decision making based on anecdote and feeling rather than looking at any historical data.

Louise quickly reviewed the business information available and realised that to satisfy the demand for our services, we should offer additional classes as well as introduceĀ an online booking system.Ā 

Alongside that, she did a lot of work to improve our search engine visibilityĀ and introduceĀ business process into the way the company was run. I am delighted that the business has flourished and in 2 years theĀ turnover has almostĀ doubledĀ and achievedĀ record profits.

Rozy Kalliabetsos

Founder, InJoy Yoga

Working with Louise is an absolute pleasure. She has an amazing ability to focus work and keep her eye on the goal, always bringing our brainstorming back to how we can boost web traffic, increase client base and improve sales.

The last 12 months has seen the business grow substantially, this is mainly down to our visibility online and the addition of our online booking system making it easier for new customers to book into our classes, not only increasing sales but also reducing admin allowing more time to focus on retaining the customers we have through email campaigning.

Gen Porritt

Client Management, InJoy Yoga

Returning to my business after a period of maternity leave and a relocation, I had forgotten how to use social media and directory websites for my business, so Louiseā€™s training and help was amazing! We started by improving my ranking and visibility on search engines for my new classes…

For my location and business, I quickly started to come up in the top three listings on search engines such as Google. Coupled with some brilliant 121 tuitions on how to effectively use social media, particularly creating events and adverts on Facebook, it wasnā€™t long before the enquiries started to come in and classes started to fill up. Within weeks I was in the position of being able to add even more classes to the timetable. Six months on, I still have healthy class numbers and continue to use the knowledge gained from Louise to keep my ranking on search engines and run facebook adverts for new summer workshops with great end results.

Anita Peach

Founder, Yoga with Anita

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