Jumpstart Your Consciously Whole Business

,Are you strgguing to turn your ideas into relistiy?

Do you have amaxing new service, course, program that is still in your head?

Do you have wonderful talesnt and gifts that you depsrately wantto share with others?

Are you looking for that light bulb moment that never arrives?

Or do you spend hours pushing and knowing deep down this is not how you want to run your business?

If this is You then I may have the answer! 

Book a leading-edge SMART energy business session with me.

I have a specialist energetic capability where I can access and leverage a potent, powerful energy holding called SMART.

SMART is a quick, clear, specific, and intelligent energy. SMART will connect to True energy for your business. This is unique to all of us so no two sessions will be the same. The information I receive and download will be perfect for You and shows the easiest way to flow to the business that you truly Desire. Some of the guidance I receive may well surprise you!

It is not about working harder to see business success, in fact it’s quite the opposite. By connecting with and utilising SMART energy your business can flow in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

Who is this program for:

Consciously whole business owners who have a clear desire and idea for a new offering, service, program that they want to launch now!

Some examples are:

Looking to offer their in person serivces online

Taking a current 1-2-1 offer and creating a new group offer too

Looking to luanch a new membership 

Have an amazin energteci capability that they wnt to offer a new pid service

As an Evolved and highly expanded human being I have exercised and learnt how to leverage this potent powerful energy. I developed and trained with SMART in my pre-physical life and this immense, unique capability opened up for me through working with Olivia and Raf Ocana from 5th Dimension Earth.

SMART is a powerful and potent energy holding that I am able to access, gain insight and translate guidance from through my unique capability. I am connecting with True energy that neither you nor I can infiltrate which is one of the reasons why it is such a powerful energy to harness.

So, If you are looking for intelligent, energetic leading-edge guidance for your business


Want to understand how to grow your business in the Best Way for you


Are looking for the simplest and quickest way to achieve your emphasised desire for your business


Leveraging my SMART capability could be the solution for You.

How Jumpstart Your Consciously Whole Busness Will Run:

We will meet online and initially discuss your business and your intention for the session. The more specific the question the more specific the insight I will receive.

Once we have the focussed question to ask SMART, I will then connect with my SMART energy holding and ask for and download the guidance.

Once this process has completed I will then share with you what I have received. We will then have an opportunity to discuss the insight and throughout our time together I will be receiving further clarity and guidance. There will also be a chance, if need be, to ask further questions.

The sessions will be recorded and sent to you afterwards. I recommend that you listen to it again as you may well pick up on different aspects another time. Energy changes and the more relevant part for you will be different at a later date.

A SMART Business Session

At the very start our our time together will I will meet with all the participant individually for their own SMART session. SMART is an awesome specialist capability that allows me to gain clear insght and guide for You.

Weekly Guidance & Energetic Practices

Throughout the 6 weeks, I will be sharing guidance and energetic practices from my forthcoming book “How to Energtically Grow a Business in the Best Way for You”.

6 Weekly Group Sessions

Each week we will meet for a Q & A session . The calls will be roreded and will be made available to watch again.

Messenger Support

I will be available Monday-Friday so I can support you in between our weekly meeting.  

3 Hours of Tech support from Me

The tech won’t hold you back now! By using my expertise to help get you up and running and made sure that all the tech is working as you expect it to

Limited spaces are available.

We start on 1st April. 

What My Clients Say….

“Louise’s calm and easy manner takes the overwhelm out of tech for me.

I can deal with emotional trauma easily when working with my clients. But when it comes to tech I frequently feel overwhelmed, exhausted by the choice and frustrated that what should be simple just isn’t or feels overcomplicated. But when I reach out to Louise, she breaks it down into simple language and simple steps.

Her reassurance helps me to remind me that everything can be altered and nothing needs to be perfect or done in a specific order. In fact we can pick and choose what we do, when we do it, how we do and for how long. This reassurance helps to free me from procrastination, overwhelm and frustration.

If you can relate to any of these feelings when it comes to your website or any other tech-related problems, then Louise is the person for you.”

Sunayana Clark

Feel Good Treatments

“I had a SMART Business session with Louise recently for a particular challenge I was facing in my business. We had a brief chat to get clear on what I needed support with and then Louise was able to receive a download of information from her SMART energy for me. The way this happens is fascinating and really provided the clarity I was seeking, helping me to make a decision on something that I’d been going around in circles with previously! I highly recommend booking a SMART session with Louise if you’re seeking clarification/guidance on a particular issue you’re facing; she has a very personable approach combined with great technical insight.”

Katie Farrell


“I booked a session with Louise to work with her SMART capability. You can literally ask anything. I was drawn to focus on my business. Louise helped me to energetically move from a place of uncertainty, and lack of desire to one of ease and flow. More than that I really left the session feeling I can do this and I was full of hope and positive expectation around that. It felt great. This was just on the surface, there was a lot of energy shifting in the background also that I have yet to understand which is kind of exciting because it feels like there is more for me to flow to around this. I would highly recommend a session with Louise. It’ll soothe and ease any concerns or worries you may have and it will completely shift your energy. I now need to listen back to the session to see what else want to come through. Thank you Louise!”

Jenny G Gordon