Louise J Green

Spiritual Techspert

I Help You Grow Your Business with Ease

Online Business Tech Support

Using my technical expertise I can help support you in running your business smoothly

Empower Hour

Expert guidance and support to empower You to do it yourself

I’m the secret weapon behind the successful marketing and launch of membership sites, getting programmes fully booked, and putting a client attraction system into your business.


By receiving the guidance of my higher self and non-physical team I help established coaches and wellbeing practitioners grow and upscale their business.


I’m the commercial brain to guide you, with the technical know-how to make it happen. So you can focus on what you do best, and do it more profitably.

Who I help

I only work with heart centred business owners, who are looking to make a difference in the world through wellbeing services or transformative coaching.



Because I truly understand this market which gives you a commercial advantage.

And I’m paying back how grateful I am to the industry that supported me to recover from PTSD following the traumatic loss of my son


It’s my mission to help your business succeed

Scared of tech? Baffled by numbers? Don’t know your analytics from your elbow?

I can transform your business from being traditionally run to fully embracing the digital age. Attracting more clients and maximising your profits.


By combining your gift with my know-how and support, you’ll be running a business you love, that makes a big difference to the lives of others. And makes a profit.


I have a natural aptitude with numbers and analysis that few people have, but that are crucial in understanding your business engine. I know how to put the systems, processes and logic in place to make your business more profitable year on year.

​Louise has helped me so much in my business in the recent months, not only with lots of technical implementation, but also consulting and brainstorming support for my business growth. I would call her my right hand in my business ☺️👌🏻💛

Lydia Wilmsen

Intuitive Success Mentor, Lydia Wilmsen

Louise has helped get me out of technical website holes which I was unable to get out of myself, taking a huge weight off my shoulders and enabling me to focus on face to face interaction with my clients rather than wracking my brains trying to figure out technical issues on my website. She’s extremely professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Thank you so much for all your help so far Louise, and looking forward to working with you in the future.

Janice Tucker

Business Owner, Space to Relax

Work With Me

In one of these ways

Done for You

Don’t let the tech hold you back! Let me use my knowledge, experience and tech know-how to help you behind the scenes smoothly run your business

Google Ads

Google Ads can be a powerful addition to your client attraction process. 

I set up and manage successful Google ad campaigns for health & wellbeing businesses

Empower Hour

Be using my expert knowledge & experience I can show You how to tackle the tech yourself or teach you how to approach your SEO


Louise Green is the single most important factor behind my new business venture success! What Louise doesn’t already know, she will make sure she learns, and her ability to make sense of techie mumbo jumbo and find the most effective way of getting what you want done is….legendary. Her presence in my business allows me to get on with what I am good at, knowing that I have a super conscientious person by my side who will give me the most up to date advise on how to get my creations out there in the digital world and making money. Louise, you are priceless! xx

Rosanna Kalliabetsos

Founder, RozyGlow

Louise has been an absolute-godsend! I used her social media and website services to get my business restarted in a new location. Within hours I had new business enquiries via social media and from related websites. Her knowledge of the industry, how it works and how to get the best out of it are second-to-none. She very easily and succinctly conveys information to you, plus her patience in instructing/teaching you, make processes some much easier. She has saved me hours of fumbling-in-the-dark work, and swept in with such great confidence and clarity, that I feel so much more energised about the business and promoting it. Highly recommended for any business that needs to hit the ground running, or for people who simply need a confidence boost to work in this new age of media.

Anita Peach

Founder, Yoga with Anita

Louise J Green has been an inspiration, to me as I set about getting my reiki practice out into the digital world. Her guidance and expertise have been invaluable and I have been able to attract new clients and positive attention. What I like most about her, is the fact that she has respected my need for a restricted client base and has not tried to push me to go for mass marketing. A very safe pair of hands. Louise has always been helpful with her ideas and she has a wealth of knowledge. I know that I could safely have left her to run the whole site for me. It has been a rewarding experience, which is still ongoing. Thank you Louise.

Sue Curd

Founder, Sue Curd Reiki